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 Yall Know Who This Is To.

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PostSubject: Yall Know Who This Is To.   Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:26 pm

We Used To Be The Best Of Friends
But Now We Keep On Fighting
Our Anger Building Up
And Striking Us Like Lightining.

Everything Is All My Fault
This Is What You Say
So Now I Must Fake A Smile
Each And Every Day.

I Look At You With Eyes Of Sorrow
You Turn Yer Head So I Cant See
We Are Like Sisters So In A Way
You Are Just Like Me

I Apologize And Then Remember
When You Hurt Me That One Day
I Keep On Thinking Of Everything
And What I Want To Say

Why Did We Let It End Over This One Thing?
Why Did It End This Way?
Could We Just Have Set It Down
Or Drown In Our Dismay?

Why Cant You Understand
That I Am Truly Sorry
I Look In Yer Eyes Now
And See Yer Sorry For Me

Yer Eyes Are Full Of Hatred
Was That There Before?
I Wish I Noticed
But Now Its Done Therefore

I Must Go Now
We're No Longer Friends
Cant You See?
Now I Must Pretend.

This Poem Is For Brittani. As You All Know She Is Mad At Me. I Want Nothing More Then To Be Her Friend But I Guess She Hates Me Because She Wont Accept My Apology. Brittani If Yer Reading This Im Sorry.
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Yall Know Who This Is To.
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