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 I am sorry untill the very end...

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PostSubject: I am sorry untill the very end...   Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:58 am

I know I ended it between us,
But I really didn't want to...
Everyone said you were happy,
But I think it really isn't true...
Can we have another chance?
Or am I too late?
Please come here and let's talk,
I don't need this hate.
I love you so much,
I need to let you know.
That even though we part our ways,
I will always love you most either as a friend or foe.
Ever since it ended,
It seems you have been avoiding me.
By you doing that,
You squash my heart like a bee...
Please don't leave me,
I will surely die.
Please come back,
Don't take my heart and fly.
You don't know,
How this tortures my soul.
I think about everyday,
So much is the tole.
You can ask anyone I know,
I am so depressed because of you.
It all seems worth it to me,
But everyone worries what I might do.
I keep antagonizing myself,
Even though it's your fault.
You had to be perfect,
Like a filled vault.
If you're going to break me,
I want my heart back.
Now I have this hate,
Twisting up my back.
But no matter what,
The love I have for you.
Will always be there,
Strong and true.
Now, there is one last thing,
That I need to tend.
It is to say to you,
I am sorry untill the very end...
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I am sorry untill the very end...
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